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Legalett Heated Floor System

We are professional, certified & trained, Legalett heated floor system installers.


Legalett is much more than just floor heating.


Legalett is a building system. We follow the building process from design to installation. In contrast to other heating systems, both the foundation and the heating system are designed as a whole. The migration of dampness and the effects of frost heave are eliminated through proper design. Due to the unique ability of the Legalett system to eliminate frost walls without any chance of foundation movement, tremendous time and money savings are enjoyed when using the Legalett system.


The Legalett air-heated floor and foundation can be used in all types of buildings. A closed loop pipe system is cast in place and forms both the foundation and the heating system-- individually designed for each building. The pipes are connected to a heating unit containing a thermostat-controlled heating element and a fan. When controlled by a programmable thermostat, the heating unit can take advantage of two-tiered natural gas or electricity rates for night storage of less expensive energy in the Legalett floor.


The Legalett air-heated floor and foundation, with its heating system in the floor, offers unique advantages for the curing of concrete and can provide heat during the construction period. The Legalett system is an excellent alternative to conventional heating systems with respect to construction costs, comfort, dampness and energy savings.


Legalett is suitable for detached houses, row houses, townhouses, pre-schools and nursery schools, assembly buildings, industrial buildings, indeed for almost all types of heated floors and foundations.

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